Christianity and Social Issues:

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The Third Way: St. Augustine and Reinhold Neibhur, those Scandelous Liberals! Toward a Christian Answer to the Culture Wars.

An essay on the chruch and the proper Christian approach to waring politcal ideologies.

Christianity and Western Civilization

An essay on Christianity and it's contribution to Western Civilization in answer to the charge that Christianity is not a modern force for progress.

Christianity a force for Liberation

Atheists are always harping on the oppressive nature of the bible, implying that Christian belief leads to socail oppression. But Christianity has been a major for for liberation movements going all the way back.

The Wages of Utilitarianism
An essay on the problems of atheist utilitarian thinking.

Hitler was not a Christian: Answering Atheist Slander

Bogus Atheist Social Sciences

Several essays critiquing attempts by atheists to use social sciences analysis to detract from the truth and blame Christianity for social ills.

The Religious A priori