Bogus Atheist Social Sciences

Atheist Inflation: Bogus Numbers

Atheists drastically inflate their numbers.

Bogus atheist social science:Zuckerman

The two basic "studies" upon which most of these bogus atheist socail sciences are based. They basically argue that athesit country do better than Christian countries.

Zuckerman's Understanding of Social Hisotry is Simplistic at Best

A second look at Zuckerman's claims via the social history of Sweden

Japan, A Counter Example

Japan's lingering spirituality and religion contradict Zuckerman's thesis.

Who is Smarter?

Bad overview of IQ from a website supposedly showing that Christians have lower IQ's than atheists. My refutation is also cross referenced on Doxa's science index.

Are Christians 40 X more likely to go to Prison?

Idiotic attempt to argue based upon misunderstanding prision statistics, that Christians are all in prision. (Don't you think if Christians were 40x more likely than almost all Christians would be in jail?).

The Religious A priori

The Religious A priori