Prologomina to any Future Discussion of Jesus

An Essay on the importance of historicity in Christian belief, and the nature of historical claims. What is important to believe as historical about Jesus? What, if anything, is optional?

Jesus Christ, King Messiah!

The major arguments involving Jesus' Messiahship and Jewish Christians such as the great Alfred Edersheim.

How do I know Jesus is the Son of God?

The basic thrust of the argument on this page is this: that we can place our faith in Jesus as the Son of God because his great moral teachings, high moral character,in light of the claims he made about himself, make him the most unique teacher in history,(or at least one of the most unique) and indicate that he is trustworthy.

The Historical Jesus Pages.

Defense of sources documenting the historical existence of Jesus and Nazerath (5 pages).

The Mythological Jesus Pages

Examination of Sketpical arguments that Jesus never existed but was derived from pagan mythology, including refutation of Earl Doherty's "Jesus Puzzell." (4 pages)

The Ressurection Pages

Several argumnents on the Resurrection examined; general overview of arguments; refutation of arguments that there was no tomb, no bodily resurrection, and defense of Guards on the tomb.(5 pages)

Jesus' Geneaology

Verious arguments atheists make concerning discrepencies in the geneaologies of Matthew and Luke
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The Religious A priori