The Resurrectoin: History or History Making?.

Resurrection: Historical or History Making?

Overview to arguements for the Resurrection: what matters is not proving a historical event, but understanding how the event made history.

Resurrection Accounts: Transmitted Faithfully from the Begining

An argument for the historcity of the event.

Logic of the Empty Tomb

Good old fashioned apologetics, arguing for empty tomb and resurrection.

The No Tomb Theory

The theory that the bodies of curcifiction victims were discorded or put in common graves, thus Jesus really had no tomb, and the empty tomb is just a myth.(2 Pages)

Have Tomb, Will Argue

Page 2 of section II on Resurrection, arguing agaisnt the no tomb theory I present evidence that a strong probability exists for the chruch of the Holy Sepelchur as the actual empty tomb of Christ. The evidence is fairly good. (4 pages)

The No Body Theory.

The notion that Paul and the early church did not believe in the bodily resurrection at all, but that Paul held Gonstic beliefs of an etherial resurrection and a ficticious Jesus of mythology.

Have Guards, Will Argue

Matthew is the only one of the canonical gospels that mentions the guards on the tomb. Sketpics, therefore, conclude that this is mere fiction; but there is an indepent coroborating source the independence of which can be demonstrated.

Harmony of Resurrection Accounts

Skeptics often use the veriations in accounts to discredit the resurrection story, but it is possible understand the different accounts in such a way as to peice together an actual event.

The Religious A priori