Women And Christianity:
Biblical Teachings on Gender Equality


"The truth is, had some of these expositors been one tenth as broad as St. Paul on the "woman question," and honest besides, we should never have been taught these pitiful, puerile and ego-centric perversions of Paul's meaning."

--Katherine Bushnell

My original articles, and links, defending the Christian Egalitarian position regarding gender equality and the Bible.

for Dutch trnaslations of these pages:

What are the Gounds for Female Submission?

Is the Christian God Male? Are men in Charge because Adam was made first?.

Curse on Eve? (2 Pages)

Gensis 3:16 "Your desire shall be to your husband, and he shall rule over you."


A look at the Greek word for "head," kefalh

The Meaning of Head part II.

Kephale = "source," Method.

The Meaning of Head part III

The battle of the Lexicons

"Headship" and Submission: Ephasians 5:21-33

Power Over her Own Head.

1 corinthians 11:3-16, "Man is the 'head' of woman..."

Grounds For Gender Equality (2 pages)

"there is neihter male nor female in Chirst Jesus"(Gal.3:28)

Let The Women Speak in The Chruch!

An exposition of the 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 injunction suppossedly commanding women to be silent in the chruches.

Not Pemitted to Teach?

1 Tim 2:11-15.(4 pages)

Examples of Feamle Teachers in the Bible.

Gnostic "Feminist" Teachers of Ephesus

A furtther consideration of the Liklihood of my theory on 1 Tim 2:11.

Who is Doing the Work?

The Decive argument designed to tip the balance in the debate: women of the early the church were invovled in all aspects of ministry.

Chart: Women in Ministry in Early Centuries

a chart systematically naming all the ministering women found in Gospels and in Epistles, plus a large sample of prophetesses, deaconesses and martyrs from the frist five centuries.

Egalitarian Links:


God's Word to Women.org
Ketherine Bushnell's classic work God's Word to Women. The entire work is here on line! The site also include other major articles by scholars and Egal notables.

Magnacharta of Women

This was famous Welch devotional writter and Biblical expositor Jesse Penn-Lewis's attempt to popularize Bushnell's God's Word to Women. Penn-Lewis adds her own original insights which are well worth reading. The book doesn't get nearly as much attention now days as Bushnell's, but in it's day it was just about the only way to get hold of Bushnell's ideas. It is a great historical artifact of egalitarianism,and worth reading for Penn-Lewis's insights as well.

Bible Text.org women topical index

A very important site: Major Bible scholars such as Helmutt Koster discuss all the major issues of women and the Bible (as well other topics).

Religious Tolerance.org:What the Bible says about women's ordination

Religioustolerence.org a gold mine of information on all manner of topics invovling religion; a fine and balanced look at both sides of women's ordination.

Glen Miller: Christian Think Tank; Misconceptions, Bible/women

Glen Miller is one of the finest internet apologists.He's known on every apologetics message board. His site is huge, aswsome and enlightening. Here he takes on many of the major misconceptions about women and the Bible, such as the male gender of Jesus disvalues women, for example. Well worth redaing, not sure I agree with everything.


The Influence of The Textus Receptus on KJV and Western Anti-Femist bias

*Very important article from biblestext.com showing the actual changes in the text on some women passages in the making of the KJV!

Ephesians 5:23
A collection of major articles on eph 5:23, including Kroger, Bilezikian and more.

The Head of The Epistles

One of the classic peices of scholorship in the Egalitarian movment, an article by Bekeley and Alvera Mickelsen, basically puts the issue of Kephale to rest. This article was originally published in Christianity Today in 1981. This version is on the God's Word to Women website.

World's Largest Site on Ordination of Women

This is a Catholic site about women being preists. 9 out of 10 Catholic theologicans agree with the ordinartion of women!


T.L. Ruonavaara-King

An excellent exposition on the alledged "injunction" to silence women by a very interesting thinker.

Another Approach to Veiling:1 Cor. 11:3-14

This is the best article I've found on the subject: William Welty, Executive Director of ISV foundation,publishers of "The Holy Bible: International Standard Version."

Did God order wifves to obey their husbands?

Christian Think TankGlenn Miller (not the band leader) one of the best apologetics researchers on the net!


Council on Biblical Equality

The main organization for egalitarian views; site includes great articles on biblical issues.

Egalitarian Christian Alliance (ECA)

Message Boards:

"Equality Centeral" ECA Message Boards

the message board of the Egalitarian Christian Alliance.

Egalitarian Christinaity

My Egal board at Doxa Froums.


Women in Ministry

Suzanne's Bookshelf

Just a Borean


Offline Resources

Helmutt Koester, one of the greatest Bible scholars and textual ciritics in the world today, is an Egalitarian.His book should be a major resrouce:

You can explore more documentation on the role of women in New Testament churches by referring to Dr. Koester's two-volume Introduction to the New Testament (Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1982, and revised in 1995), which is part of the Hermeneia series.

The Religious A priori