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"Protestant" Miracles: Anecdotal Evidence.

The Anecdotal Pile:


1)True Stories of 400 Resurrection Miracles

Fr. Albert J. Hebert, S.M.(book add)

"This magnificent book covers Saints who raised from the dead persons who drowned, persons with mutilated bodies, persons who had been hanged, whose bodies had already decayed, been reduced to skeletons, or been buried for several years."

"They include children, unbaptized infants, unborn babies still in their mother's womb who needed to be baptized, persons executed for crimes, persons raised to testify in criminal cases or to testify to some religious truth, and persons who would have been condemned to Hell had they not been called back to earth for another chance."

"Also included are descriptions of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory given by temporarily dead persons who had been privileged to see those regions. Analyses the authenticity of resurrection miracles according to the teaching of the Church - plus it describes other bodily wonders of the Saints, such as levitation, bilocation, and total abstinence from natural food and drink. Includes a critique of "post clinical death" experiences in the light of Catholic teaching."

2) Another Resurrection in India.

Friday Fax 1999 issue 13, 2 April India: pregnant woman saved from death by prayer "God can do extraordinary things through ordinary people," says David Mohan, pastor of the largest (15,000 members) Assemblies of God church in Madras, India. "Only a few days ago," he told me, "Rani (name changed), an elderly woman, came to tell me something exciting. She only recently decided to follow Jesus, and can neither read nor write. While visiting a Hindu village, she noticed a lot of activity: a pregnant woman was apparently dead after falling into a well. Attempts to resuscitate her, including blowing acrid smoke up her nose, had failed. Rani felt that she may be able to help; she had heard that Jesus had raised people from the dead. Hesitantly, she asked if she could pray; she was given permission, so laid her hands on the lifeless woman and asked Jesus to touch her. As she did so, the pregnant woman opened her eyes, started to move, coughed and sat up. Since then, a large number of people in the village have also decided to follow Jesus." Source: Pastor D. Mohan, Newlife AOG church, fax (+91)-44-2351646

3) Resurrection in former USSR.

This is actually part of a longer quotation about Near Death Experince. But I'm interested in the bottom part of the Qutation where it tells about a man killed by the KGB.Since I met this guy and he was a friend of my old Prof from Seminary I use it here.

Death and Dying
Brian death


"This one you need to take up with the American Medical Association. Their definition of death is no brain activity. Many people who have NDEs are connected to EEG machines that are flatlined. There is no brain activity and no heart beat. This constitutes physical death. There is also an argument that says the brain continues to function after there is no activity.Mainly from the resuscitation efforts that are being conducted. This argument is questionable and not verifiable. Remember that many patients have been pronounced dead, and the death certificate signed. Some are going to, or are in the morgue, when they revive. The length of time apatient is brain dead varies from a few minutes to several hours in the NDE accounts I have read. In FAQ 05, the patient had been dead for 40 minutes before revival. And brain activity can not account for the new information the patient has when revived, that was notavailable to him, when he died. Actually the Near Death Experience proves that lifecontinues after death, so no one really dies at all. The longest time someone has been dead (that I know of) goes to Grigorievich Rodonai* a Russian, who was killed by the KGB. He was in the morgue for 3 days in cold storage. During the autopsy, he regained consciousness. He has recovered without permanent injury and is now living somewhere in Texas, USA. He also had a extremely long NDE an promised to write a book about it. Don't know if he did or not."

Little Girl Struck by Lightning
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About two years ago at a KIDFISH event I was sponsering, a ten year old girl was struck dead by lightning. Five others were burned and knocked down. I saw it hit her. Her eyes were rolled up so you could see only the whites. Her sneakers were melted on her feet and her socks were ashes. Her jeans around the zipper and button were burned off. She was burned on 1/3 of her body. EMT started working on her within 15 seconds of the strik. She was clinically dead for 28 minutes, then she was revived and moved into an ambulance. She died again and the ambulance sat there another 45 minutes until the revived her again. They took her to the local hospital were she died again. Another hour and the flew her to San Antonio, the next day Austin, and two days later to Galveston. One of her doctors said there was no other case on record of surviving a direct hit from a lighning bolt. She comes here all the time now. She is doing quite well. She doesn't remember a thing! No experience!

Another Soruce on Miracle Stories.

An interesting looking book advertized on described as a collection of miracles stories, results for ordinary people when they pray and trust God.

Miracles happen when you pray, Quin Sherrer

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