Traditional Theological Issues

Predicates of The Divine.

An explaination of the many Theological terms appiled to God and how they all fit together.

The Trinity

Seven pages on the Trinity with a new emphasis on Hebrew thought


Answers to questions about the nature of the Atonement and other faiths. Part I deals with atonement. I take a view of the atonement called "solidarity," or "participatory," rather than the financial transaction or moral government.

Salvation and Other Faiths.

Part II of the essay that begins with the Atonement: Salvation and other faiths.

Why I don't Believe in Hell (4 pages)New

What is the Supernatural?

several pages on different topics realated to the issue of defining and "proving" the supernatural. cross referenced on Scinece and God sections.

Soteriological Drama: Free Will Defense

My own twist on the Free Will defense: the problem of evil and pain.

The Wages of Utilirarian Thinking

An essay on the consequences of Consequential ethics

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The Religious A priori