Soren Keirkegaard.....Paul Tillich


Prologomina to my Theological Approach

Phenomenology and Method: Prologamina to Understanding My Theology.

discussion of methodological proceedures for thinking phenomenoloigcally about existence of God.Essay examining theological method:How does one proceed to study God if God is not given in empirical data?

Overview: My Theology and Credo

my attempt to summarize my beliefs has they have developed under the pressure of doing apologetics, and to show how they all fit into a coherent whole.

Traditional Theological Issues

Sevreal articles including issues such as:Predicates of the Divine,Trinity,Salvation,Supernatrual and more

Avant Guard Theological Issues

Several essays ranging from topics on "what is Liberal Theoloy, God and Being, space/time, nature of God.

Apologetics and Theology

Answers to Don Barker's "Dear Mr. Theologian"

Don Barker, former minister turned atheist writes amuzing phony letters from God to theologians asking silly questions in an attempt to illustrate how the chruch knows nothing. I answer them.

My Testamony.
How I got saved

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The Religious A priori