Science and Religious Belief.

A basic overview of the harmony between science and reiligion. Quotations by Christian nobel prize winners.

Science is a Social Construct: A Summary of the Theories of Thomas Kuhn.

Science is not the ultimate form of knowledge. It is not totally objective and not infallable. Many aspects of scinece are shaped by our clutural outlook.

Social Constructivism part II.

The culturally consturcted nature of science leads materialists to foolishly claim that empirical observation is the ultimate form of knowledge; this is a foolish bais. The bias of the cultural construct prevents spiritual understanding.

Christianity and the Rise of Science in the Middle Ages

It is a big myth that science persecuted religion and held it back. There are very few examples of science being persecuted by religion, and really none in the actual middle ages. Modern scinece began in the middle ages and it began among Christians, in monestaries as a Christian project.

Science: Philosophy vs. Method

Exanination of what ahteists usually do when they try to use science as a turmp agianst religion.
empirical miracles

scientific evidence supporting modern miracles, Lourdes miracles and protestant miracles.

Religious experince is not a placebo

Scientific Investigation of Prayer

Prayer studies, defense of their methodology and emirical evidence of miracles.

Conscoiusness: Spirit, Mind, Brain

5 pages on the brain/mind issue and the atheist assertion that mind is reduceable to brain.I aruge that mind is spirit, that this would be what lives on after death, and that modern scientific research does not prove that mind reduce to brain nor does it rule out spirit.

Who is Smarter?

Atheists sometimes foolishly claim that non religious people score higher on IQ tests. When the Methodologies are examined, however, it seems the better and latters studies support either no connection between intelligence and religious belief or lack thereof, or a positive one between religion and intellegence.

What is the Supernatural?

several pages on different topics realated to the issue of defining and "proving" the supernatural. cross referenced on Theology and God sections.

Causality and correlation in miracle Hunting

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The Religious A priori