Prologomina to God Arguments

Preliminary considerations before reading the list of God arguments; several pages on matters such the deftionition of God, and the nature of arguments>
Outrage and Incredulity: The Atheist charge of "no proof"

List God Arguments

The actual list of God arguments, I'm up to 42

On Infinite Causal Regress

Argument against the possiblity of infinite regegression of causes. The application is to the theory that the universe exists becasue it "just happens to be" the product of an infinitely ocillating series of big bangs with no need for an explaination.
Why Atheists Have No Ears

An essay on why atheists seem impervious to all evdience and logic about God

The Atheist Dictim of "Extraordinary Claims."

Agaisnt the notion that any sort of religious belief is an "extraordinary claims and thus requires more proof than ordianry calims."

Against Atheist Default AssumptionRevised and expanded

Against the idea that lack of belief is a "natural default assumption" that comes inot play in the absense of proof.

No True Scottsman

Answering the atheist montra raized anytime we object to their fallacy of Guilt by association by saying "he wasn't a true Christian."

Privilaging Position Through Truth by Stipulation

The atheist use of fallacies such as "you can't make the argument until you've provne it" to create a magical king's X and guard their position.

Major contradiction at the heart of atheism
atheists are in a major dilemma and must choose between disbelief in miracles or abandonment of naturalism.

Defense of God Arguments

Defending the arguments for the existence of God.

Some archieved examples of Metacrock taking on some of his best opponents in rhetorical battle defending the arguments listed on the page linked above.

Defending God Arguments part II

Two debates with two different skeptics over the ontological argument for God's existence.

What is the Supernatural?

several pages on different topics realated to the issue of defining and "proving" the supernatural. cross referenced on Scinece and Theology sections.

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The Religious A priori