The Nature of Biblical Revelation

Most of the contradictions brought up by atheists are aimed at a literalist reading of the Bible, which is based upon a fundametnalist model of revelation. The model of revelation, the understanding of how it works, is crucial to an understanding of the value of contradictions. This pages explores four models of Biblical revelation and shows that most contradictions broguht up by atheists don't even matter.

The New Testament Canon: How do we know they got the right books?

This page examines the process through which the New Testament Writtings came to be in the New Testament, as well as their basic validity and attestation in Chruch history.

The Canonical Gospels

A brief overview of the canonical gospels with a look at a few main ciriticisms that sketpics always use on the net. My views on this section ar fairly liberal.

OT and Social Opression

A brief answer to the "dark side" of the Bible.

Dealing wiht the Amalekite Problem

1 Samuel 15:1-35 God orders the slaughter of all Amalekites, including infants. Ahteists single in on this one passage as the icon of injustice and Biblical brutality. I am disatissfied with the conventional apologists approach, so I forge my own.

Short Answers To Barker's Bible Contradictions

Barker is a skeptic who used to be a Chrsitian, here I give short answers to his Bible contradictions, please remember to read my page on models of Revelation (above) as it gives the premise upon which my answers are based, they wont make as much sense without reading that page.

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The Religious A priori